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How Caavo Uses TapRecrit to Write Job Descriptions That Attract VP Level Talent

Learn how an ambitious hardware company uses TapRecruit to find qualified VP Talent and save hundreds of thousands of dollars on headhunters.
Caavo is a next-generation universal remote system that uses machine vision to operate all your TV devices in a simple, seamless way. Backed by marquee investors like Greylock, DCM, Sky, and Hearst, Caavo launched its first product in February 2017.


Faced with the reality of San Francisco's competitive talent market and the exorbitant costs of talent scouts for VP-level talent, Caavo Co-Founder, and CTO, Ashish Aggarwal reached out to TapRecruit with the question: Can I use traditional job boards like LinkedIn and Indeed to source my VP-level talent?

In the past, Caavo had a lot of frustration sourcing inbound applicants. Like most, they found the process to be slow, inconsistent and resulting in a low ratio of qualified candidates. This led them to turn to talent search firms which they ultimately found to be too expensive and slow to use as a holistic recruiting strategy.

Caavo identified several VP and SVP level roles in Sales, Marketing, and Quality Assurance. Their founders used the TapRecruit Smart Editor to work together and write the job descriptions and then posted them to LinkedIn.


Given Caavo’s previous experience with organic sourcing, they were naturally skeptical that job content alone would adjust outcomes. What they found was that despite the competitiveness of San Francisco’s talent market or the seniority of their jobs, a well written and thoughtful job description is the key to robust and qualified candidates pools. Job content really matters.

Total Applicants
Qualified Applicants

Vice President of Marketing

  • 10+ years of marketing experience
  • Prior experience executing a short and long-term go-to-market strategy at a high-growth consumer electronics company, ideally that has scaled to $100M in revenue and beyond

A Vice President of Marketing role with similar requirements typically receives 203 applications on average, 13 of which are qualified.

Total Applicants
Qualified Applicants

Vice President of Sales

  • 10+ years of sales management and account management experience
  • Deep relationships with national retailers including Best Buy, Costco etc.

A Vice President of Sales role with similar requirements typically receives 117 applications on average, 9 of which are qualified.

“Using the TapRecruit Smart Editor helped our jobs convey our mission, goals, and requirements perfectly. The response was truly phenomenal, which I never expected from cold applications for such senior roles. Within the first week, I was interviewing highly qualified applicants who were eager and excited about the role and the company. The quality of applicants was a transformative experience.” - Ashish Aggarwal, CTO and Co-Founder, Caavo

How TapRecruit Helped

Caavo used the TapRecruit Smart Editor to successfully fill 14 senior and mid-level roles. Every one of the jobs they wrote with TapRecruit received qualified and diverse candidate pools. Here are the features that helped them make their hires:

TapRecruit predicts how your job will perform.

Caavo used the Smart Editor to write jobs that score an 85+. The TapRecruit Predictive score uses data science to ensure that your job will be found and understood by qualified candidates. Using the TapRecruit guidance, Caavo ensured that every job they posted was calibrated for SEO, content, skills, and language. TapRecruit features four kinds of guidance:

  • Job Titles: Ensures that your job will be found by qualified job seekers when they search for jobs.
  • Semantic Language: Avoid language or phrasing that is known to signal poorly with candidates from diverse backgrounds.
  • Requirements: Understand which requirement combinations are likely to confuse or dissuade candidates when they find your job.
  • Content: Avoid administrative mistakes like forgetting perks or your EOOC that are known to make job descriptions underperform.

TapRecruit Helps Teams Work Together

Job descriptions were a team effort at Caavo. Because TapRecruit offers features like automatic revisions, personalized sharing, and automatic categorization, Caavo was able to draft job content that told a clear and consistent story.

TapRecruit has Smart Salary Estimates

With salary estimates that update as you type, Caavo avoided including skills or experience that might have caused their job to be under or over their budget.

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How Caavo Uses TapRecrit to Write Job Descriptions That Attract VP Level Talent
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