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Learn What Makes TapRecruit a Compelling Alternative to Textio

Looking for a Textio™ alternative? TapRecruit is a powerful, feature-rich editor that uses data-science and real candidate search behavior to help your hiring team write job descriptions that are proven to attract more qualified and diverse candidate pools.

We know that you want to make the best decision for you and your team. That’s why this overview of TapRecruit’s key features will show you why our products are a compelling alternative to Textio. We’ll also give you some insight into how our Smart Editor works and talk a bit about TapRecruit’s language analysis, workflow tools, and our game-changing results.

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Because augmented writing isn’t enough

We built our Smart Editor because fixing small phrases simply isn’t enough to compel qualified candidates to apply for jobs. Your jobs also need to be findable and easy to understand.

We help you write great job descriptions

We’re not building a language engine for sales teams; our Smart Editor was designed and calibrated for job descriptions alone. We built TapRecruit because we're serious about building tools for hiring teams.

TapRecruit is more than augmented writing

Avoiding gendered language is just one aspect of writing a good job description. TapRecruit takes augmented writing one step further and offers 4 different types of guidance to ensure that qualified candidates find and understand your job:

job descriptions guidance and suggestion for Job Titles

Job Titles: Searchable titles that are easy to understand help qualified applicants find your job. TapRecruit’s title guidance ensures that your job is seen by qualified job seekers every time they search.

job descriptions augmented writing and language analysis

Language (Phrase Analysis): TapRecruit makes sure that you use language that has been proven to make a good impression on job seekers from diverse backgrounds. Our language guidance helps teams write jobs that avoid language that might deter qualified candidates.

Guidance for job descriptions skills and requierments

Requirements: TapRecruit helps you avoid requirement combinations that might confuse or dissuade candidates. We even compare your job’s requirements to the local talent market and offer guidance on ensuring they make sense to qualified job seekers in that area.

job descriptions guidance and suggestion for content

Content: TapRecruit’s content guidance helps you avoid the administrative mistakes that are known to make job descriptions underperform. Think of this as a checklist that makes sure you’ve included everything before you post your job.

TapRecruit makes it easy for teams to work together

We set out to reinvent the way your team works together to write job descriptions. Here are a few of the powerful tools we designed that will make it easier for your team to collaborate and write thoughtful job descriptions:

TapRecruit Smart Editor is an alterantive to the textio augmented writing platform

Custom Templates: TapRecruit’s custom templates enable you to easily manage job content across your entire organization and speak with one voice. You’ll be able to create consistent, editable branding and deploy it by department, team, or even job type. You’ll be able to ensure that critical parts of your job descriptions are always on brand by setting defaults for sections like Perks and EEOC. Just drop them into any template and you’re good to go.

Smart Salary Estimates: TapRecruit’s Smart Salary estimates help you understand how skills, experience and education requirements will impact your hiring budget by automatically estimating the job’s salary as you write.

‘Dropbox’ For Your Jobs: TapRecruit automatically imports jobs from any ATS. No configuration or IT assistance required. Hiring teams will know exactly where to start because their jobs are always organized and ready to edit.

TapRecruit has a lot of data

We’ve collected and organized 10's of millions of job descriptions from over 40,000 employers. Every day we add 10's of thousands of new jobs and organize them using our custom-built classification engine.

If you want to accurately test outcomes, you need to understand a job’s content. That’s why our classification engine looks at over 10,000 unique characteristics and over 500 job categories to automatically classify your job in order to help you write a winning description. No need to select your job type from a dropdown, TapRecruit automatically understands if your job is a junior software engineering role in New York, a senior marketing role in Milwaukee, or a Clinical Research Scientist in Toronto, and tailors your experience accordingly.

TapRecruit has recruitment analytics

We've built a comprehensive recruitment analytics suite that will help every member of your hiring team make stronger, evidence-based decisions. The TapRecruit Smart Analytics Dashboards will help you measure the impact job descriptions have on your inbound hiring funnels. Learn more.

Job Performance Report

The Job Performance Report is a birds-eye view of your organization's jobs. You can filter by date, department, kind, and job seniority to run weekly or monthly performance reports or identify any recruitment issues your jobs may be experiencing.
TapRecruit Recruitment Performance Analytics Dashboards

Applicant Performance Report

Use the Applicant Performance Report to understand how your organization is attracting talent. Filterable by date, department, kind, and source, the APR gives you a detailed view of how candidates from different sources perform in your hiring funnel.
TapRecruit Pipeline and Source Analytics Dashboards

TapRecruit customers get more qualified candidates

TapRecruit gets real results. When you post jobs that are calibrated not only for language, but also for findability and skills, you will see a dramatic increase in the number of qualified candidates who apply. This is because augmented writing alone isn’t enough to drive significant results.

Our performance score makes it easy for you to predict how your job will perform. Your team will work together to draft a job, and when the performance score reaches 85+, they will post the job to your company’s career site.
TapRecruit Performance Score for job descriptions

Increase your hiring speed

Jobs that receive robust candidates pools are proven to fill faster. This means that when your team uses the Smart Editor to write job descriptions, not only will you attract more qualified and diverse candidate pools, you'll also see an improvement in your overall time-to-fill.
augmented writing and language analysis

Attract more qualified candidates

The Smart Editor is proven to help your team write job descriptions that attract more qualified and female applicants. Use the Smart Editor to title your job correctly, replace gendered language. Candidates will notice, and you'll see a dramatic increase in the quality and diversity of your job's pipeline.
augmented writing and language analysis for job descriptions

See how we compare to Textio's pricing

Have you received pricing from Textio and want to see how we compare? TapRecruit's pricing is based on the number of open jobs you have posted on your career site. We offer month-to-month options for teams to run an extended pilot or opt into a yearly contract and save 20%. Want to see how our pricing compares to Textio? Register your company or schedule a demo and we'll reach out with more information.

Try TapRecruit for free

Want to take TapRecruit for a spin? No problem! You and your team can Try TapRecruit for free. See for yourself how easy it is to write winning job descriptions that bring you more qualified candidates. You can register here or schedule a demo and we'll show you around

Any questions we didn’t answer?

Do you have questions about how TapRecruit differs from Textio that we didn’t answer? We’d be happy to talk with you about them. Send us an email at recruit@taprecruit.co or use the chat widget below to the right.

TapRecruit is not affiliated with Textio™ or its products. To learn more about TapRecruit please visit TapRecruit.co

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Learn What Makes TapRecruit a Compelling Alternative to Textio
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